September 23, 2012 8:47 pm

I finished the red and black veil yesterday.  This is the one in which I was attaching the lace to the tulle while tatting and it worked really well.  I’m very pleased with the way it came out.  On Friday night though I had finished all the tatting and just had to put the piece together and I didn’t think it was going to come out very nice, but when I put it together on Saturday morning it did!

One thing I’m going to have to play around with is what hair clip to use and how to attach it.  For this one I used my standard clip and pointed it sideways (it’s not adjustable) because I typically wear them on my right side.  (I like the way it looks in the back over a ponytail too.)

Next on the veil list is to make the flower to with the purple one.  I also like this one so much that I started on another one.  The same black tulle with a larger edging of variegated blue with black.  I’m modifying the pattern a little to make it curve around in a circle so I hope it turns out.  It’s a much wider edging so is taking quite a while to go around.  It’d be a shame to get halfway around the tulle and determine it doesn’t work.

I am debating about offering it as a class at Shuttlebirds.  Wondering if I’ll have enough time between now and then to practice and learn enough to teach it or wait until 2014.  2014!  Planning classes for 2014.  Can you believe it’s almost 2013!?!

4 Responses to “Finished!”

Marty wrote a comment on September 24, 2012

That turned out really pretty. I like it back over your ponytail, but it certainly looks nice on the side as well. This is something I think my nieces would enjoy wearing (especially the older one — in exactly those colors). If you’re teaching this at Shuttlebirds, I’ll have to take that class!

Patti wrote a comment on September 24, 2012

2014???? I’m not even thinking that far ahead, yet. 🙂

Sue wrote a comment on September 25, 2012

That looks awesome!! 🙂

admin wrote a comment on September 25, 2012

Thanks Marty and Sue! Patti, that’s because you have so much still to do before this one! I think I will add this one to my class proposals list. They’ve been fun to work on.

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