Now With Blue

05 Blue 1Here is the ongoing center of the tea cloth, now with the blue “half circles” done.  Actually, in the original book they’re called “Half Circle Joining Motif of Fourth Circle” which is a bit cumbersome.  I call them the “Jellyfish motifs” which seems more accurate to their shape.  I’m excited to have gotten this far along.  All that’s left are the 8 “Oblong Motifs Outside of the Fourth Circle” and then I can call this one done.  In this particular project all I wanted to get done and photographed was this first section.  I’ve split the whole tea cloth into four sections and am trying to rewrite the pattern 05 Blue Closeso that you could easily stop at the end of any of the sections and still have a really cool piece.  The whole thing is pretty intimidating by shear volume of tatting, but this first section is pretty straight forward and not actually very large compared to a lot of the other doilies out there.


Here’s a close up of the jellyfish.



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  1. muskaan Said,

    August 25, 2015 @ 5:20 pm

    Spectacular ! Love the “jellyfish” christening – very apt 🙂 It is a bit of an unusual shape for a doily, but so clever to effectively cover up large empty spaces !

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