Yeah, Another One. :-)

Stopped by Joann’s this week to pick up a few supplies for the tatting class I’m teaching this weekend at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa and wandered through their Christmas section.  Discovered a bigger version of the string of beads I’m making the garland out of so I had to pick up a strand with some size 3 thread.

It’s coming along quickly and I think I’ll actually finish this one by Christmas.  Actually, I should finish it off in the next few days.  It’s only 6 yards compared to the smaller sized beads which is 10 yards.  So it goes much quicker, which is nice.  The only problem is that I noticed after tatting a long chunk of it that the red was coming off on my fingers.  The picture here doesn’t have great lighting so it’s hard to see, but it’s there on my thumb, forefinger and the side of my ring finger.  I can’t tell if the pinkness in the thread is a reflection of the beads or if it’s rubbing off from the beads.  Either way it doesn’t actually look too bad so I’m not going to worry about it until the lack of paint starts showing on the beads themselves.

BTW, the pattern for this version is chains of 5-5.

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  1. Fox Said,

    November 15, 2011 @ 5:50 am

    In the photos there is a pinkish cast to the white thread as the red is shiny and powerful in the light, so I wouldn’t worry – it would probably reflect the pink even if it were not the dye.

    Lots of HDTs tend to leave colour on my hands… Only the commercial stuff seems not to bleed – and even some of that stuff does as I have had some Lizbeth thread leave colour on my fingers.

    The garland is very pretty!
    Fox : )

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