Found Some Tatting!

As will come to no one’s surprise, I managed to find a few pieces of tatting to display at the Piecemaker’s Peddler’s Market where I demoed tatting and got people interested in my classes on Sunday.  As you can see, I sat in the doll room, sharing the table with Judy who does lovely needle weaving.  It was a fun day and was nice to have an excuse to do nothing but sit around and tat for a few hours.  I haven’t had much time for tatting lately and had a wedding garter to finish.  That’s what I’m working on in the picture.  I’ll do a post on that sometime soon too.  I met up with my friend, yesterday for the final fitting before adding the elastic.  Finished it up last night and it looks pretty awesome with the ribbon.  I’ll do a post on that at some point after the wedding when I can use the pictures the professional photographer will take.

Here’s another picture of the full table.  Only one person signed up at that point to get more information about the class, but I had six by the end of the day and they’ve had other people come into the store expressing interest.

To the left in the pictures is the shawl I’ve been working on for two years.  Actually that’s not quite true.  I did start it about two years ago, but I have a habit of doing a shuttle-full of work on it and then putting it aside for a few months before taking it back out and doing another shuttle-full on it.  I think it’s now about half done so I should probably do a little post updating the progress on it.

(To zoom in on the picture, click on it once and you’ll be taken to a blog page with the picture.  Click on it again and you’ll be taken to ANOTHER page with just the picture.  A third click should then zoom in on the picture.  Really annoying but I haven’t figure out how to change it so you don’t have to click so much to zoom.)

The two necklaces in front of the sign with my name are from a pattern from one of the Priscilla books that I haven’t written up here yet.  I actually made them a few months ago, but they got put aside and I’d forgotten about them until I found again while looking for tatting for the display.  I really like that pattern and now that I’ve found the necklaces again I should get around to posting about it sometime soon.

Now that the garter is done I’ve started work on another belt.  I’ll post on it later once I’ve had a chance to take some pictures in daylight.  (If you’re keeping score, that’s now 4 posts I owe you.)  I’ve been trying to not start any more new big projects until I’ve finished up others.  That being said, this new belt pattern seems to work up so quickly I don’t know if it should count as a “big” project.  That means I can pick out something else “big” to start now to replace the garter, right?  Yes.  I know I have a problem.  No.  I’m probably not going to do anything about it.

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