Secret tatting!

Well, not really secret, but I’ve been working on stuff that will be gifts for other people so I can’t share pictures.

One is a garter belt for a friend who’s getting married about 9 days from now.  I’m just about done with the tatting for it now and we’re going to do a final sizing to make it work early next week.  I’m using Gina Butler’s pattern available on her website here:  Very pretty with nice little dimpled rings.  Actually, it’s a slight variation on it.  I’m adding blue beads to take care of her blue and I’m not doing the lock chains in the back because I’m only going to do a small piece of elastic in the back.

I also recommend checking out her pattern “Heart Strings”, Single Shuttle Split Ring Hearts.  Very cute.  I think I want to teach that pattern at Shuttlebirds next year.

I have a few other gifts I’m working on and should finish up over the weekend.  I’ve been flipping through the Priscilla books trying to pick out a pattern.  I just bought some more size 3 thread and matching ribbon.  I’m planning on making another belt so I’ve been focused on the edging patterns, but my eye keeps being drawn to the butterfly patterns in book #2.  We’ll see what I get around to first.

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