Finally Friday

January 14, 2011 11:08 am

Just a quick post today as I had class last night and haven’t done much tatting.  Did photograph and organize a couple pages of Priscilla book #1 so once I do the tatting from those pages I’ll be ready to post about them.  All my shuttles seem to be full so I’ll probably spend the weekend with little projects to finished off what’s on them and start fresh next week.  To that end I made another of the leaf motif bracelets from book #3 that I wrote about in my first post about the Priscilla project.  Seems so long ago.

I wanted to try the pattern in size 10 just so I would know how many repeats would be needed for a bracelet.  It would have been nice to know how much thread was needed too, but of course I didn’t think to measure the amount of thread on my shuttle before I started.  It was EXACTLY the perfect length.  I ended up with just a foot or so left, just the right amount for finishing the last ring.  I’ll have to try it again with a variegated thread so that I don’t need to measure the before and after, I can just count how many repetitions of the variegation it takes to finish.  That’s my lazy way of measuring thread.

I did make it to Michael’s yesterday to check out what sorts of ribbon they have for the sash/belt.  Of course I forgot to bring the piece with me.  I found the thread I used on the shelf and tried to match the color, but nothing was quite right so I went with black.  Course since I didn’t have the piece with me, I totally got the size wrong.  The black ribbon to the right is about the width of the entire belt, not the loop at the end, but I think it will still work.   Good enough for a proof of concept anyway, and I like the idea of a big ribbon and big bow.   I got the purple to try to make another where the tatting goes directly onto the ribbon.  Haven’t picked out a pattern for that yet, but there’s lots of great edgings in the Priscilla book and I’m sure one of those will work great.

5 Responses to “Finally Friday”

Gina wrote a comment on January 14, 2011
This is the one I’m working from at the moment.

admin wrote a comment on January 14, 2011

Lovely! I don’t know if I’d really looked at that book before. I really like the motifs with the Josephine knots. Very different from the ones in the Priscilla books. When I need a break from Priscilla I’ll have to check these out again. Looking forward to following your progress through them!

Michelle wrote a comment on January 16, 2011

I just found your blog today- wow, you do beautiful work. Your Priscilla project is fascinating and I’m planning to follow you carefully. I’m excited to see what’s next!

Sue wrote a comment on January 16, 2011

Love the pretty delicate looking bracelet! 🙂

admin wrote a comment on January 16, 2011

Thanks Sue and Michelle!

The bracelet is from an earlier post you can find here:

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