August 19, 2014 9:21 pm


Here’s a sneak peak at “Dusty Rose.”  I did a new batch of Regency and loved the color that was created in middle between the green and the deep pink so much that I decided to do a small batch of just that color.  This is what I’m going to call a “blended” color.  It’s a mix of multiple dyes that I’ll never be able to repeat in just the same way.  I just did a small batch in sizes 20 and 10 to play around with what I had.

These dusty, muted colors are my favorites.  I did a couple small sample skeins that are sitting next to me here just waiting to get wound onto a shuttle and experimented with.  This is the first time I’ve dyed size 20 with a 6-foot repeat (Yup.  The skeins are 3 feet long.)  I’m really excited to see how this super gradual color change tats with a single color variegate like this.  Curious to compare it to the size 10 as well which has always been a 6-foot repeat.


I also loved the way this new batch of the colorway Regency looked soaking in the fixer bath.  All shiny and sparkly and new.  Regency was a color combination suggested by Leesa at the last Shuttlebirds workshop.  Thanks Leesa!  It’s a great pairing that I really like.

I’m working my way through all my winding of skeins and getting geared up for more thread dyeing.  Happily taking color suggestions.

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