I have just discovered  Despite being in the middle of a move from San Diego to Seattle (I start the drive on Wednesday!) it’s managed to suck me in and I spent more time than I should have exploring.  Very cool!  I can’t wait to do more exploring and take some classes.  I’ve been wanting to learn to knit socks for quite a while. Perhaps the introductory $25 price for your first class will actually get me started.

I’m also very excited by the fact that they will host patterns and allow for an automatic download.  My patterns will, of course, continue to be available in my Etsy shop (More coming soon, actually.  I have the patterns ready, but need to write the descriptions), but I like the automatic download feature of Craftsy.  I just posted the pattern for my fingerless gloves and a little later will my book of patterns derived from the transforming motif that I love so much.

In filling out my basic information to register for Craftsy I put Seattle, WA down as my location for the very first time.  I’ve very excited about the move, but so much more to do to get packed up and only two days left!  Yikes!

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