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Fair Entry… for 2014

Fair EntryWhoops.  Well, I finished my entry for the fair, but didn’t realize I needed to get it registered by Wednesday.  I had it down as Friday.  So, instead, that means that I’ve got my bit fair entry for next year done.

Bummed I’m missing this year’s fair.  Mostly because last year there weren’t many tatted lace pieces for show at the fair and there’s talk of them canceling the categories.  Hopefully it sticks around another year and I’ll be able to help the tatters make a good showing then.

In the meantime, this means that I get another year to sew something to the center of this piece.  This piece is from the Priscilla Tatting Book #3.  They suggest a piece of linen in the center and I’ll do something like that, but I haven’t quite figured out yet how to do the sewing. I guess that with a year to do it, I have some time to do some practice pieces.  Also gives me time to write up the pattern.

This piece was done in size 20.  I’ll take some close-up pictures sometime soon too.

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More Veils!

VeilI woke up this morning to two pattern sales!  It may not seem like much, but this is the first time I’ve ever had two customers on the same day so I was rather excited.  Both sales were on Craftsy and for the same pattern (the fingerless gloves) so I suspect they must have been mentioned on someone’s blog or something.  Maybe someone else who had made them earlier?  Or maybe mentioned on InTatters?  I have no idea.  Craftsy doesn’t track incoming links so I can’t actually tell.  If someone else saw it, I’d love to know.

This week I finally got the veil pattern posted up on Craftsy and listed both versions as finished pieces on Etsy.  I realized while I was listing it that I didn’t pay any attention to how long it takes me to make them so I listed them rather cheap and when one sells that will give me a chance to time it and get the price correct.  That means the first person to buy one gets quite a steep discount!  🙂



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Well, it’s a start…

First Attempt

This is my first attempt at a new motif from Priscilla Tatting #3.  I started off tatting it exactly as written, but it became very clear very quickly that it wasn’t going to stay flat using that pattern.  It always amazes me.  They must have seriously blocked the wrinkles out of their pieces in the early 1900s.

Half way through I made a couple adjustments and you can sort of see that one side is flatter than the other.  I’m going to tat it again with a couple other changes and see if I can get it to lay flat.  My plan is for this to be a necklace pendant so it’s going to need to be able to get by without any blocking.

I’ve been AWOL here on the blog and I’m sorry for it.  There’s been a lot going on in both my tatting and non-tatting life.  In my tatting life, I’ve been very busy teaching classes and preparing for teaching.  (Next beginner class is this Saturday at Bird Tail Beads in Bellevue.)  In my non-tatting life, I have my last CPA exam on Friday the 23rd so I’ve been trying to stay pretty focused on studying.  Hopefully, once the exam is done I’ll have a bit of a chance to catch my breath and you’ll hear from me more!

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