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Orange Veil1
I have finally gotten around to updating and posting the pattern for my mini veil on Craftsy.  Tomorrow I’ll get it up in my Etsy shop.  Hope everyone else likes the pattern.  It’s fun to tat and wear.  I’m working on making a whole collection of veils in many colors.

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More Colors!

I was inspired last weekend to play around with dyes again.  This time I pulled out the regular bottles fabric dye and got two little tubs of colors going.  (I use old cottage cheese containers.)  The colors are actually a little brighter than they’re coming out in these pictures.  I had one tub of green going and one of blue and then at the end I added a dash of red to each of the tubs.  I thought that with those combos I would get some more brown, but I guess it was more red than I intended because I came out with some nice maroons.  One of the things that I like about dyeing thread is that I’m not actually trying to get anything specific so I’m always happy with what I get.


The thread I used was mostly all size 20 DMC.  There are a couple smaller skeins of Lizbeth size 10.  A while back I decided that there was no point in holding on to any white DMC because it wasn’t actually a true white like the snow white Lizbeth thread.  I had about nine or ten balls of it so I wound half of it into skeins and they sit in a draw in the kitchen with the dyes.  Now whenever I feel like playing around I can just grab some and go without any prep.  It’s a lot of fun.  I’ll get around to winding the rest of the DMC stuff at some point as well.


I’ll leave with a picture that I think shows a little more the variety of colors I got out of my two little tubs.  I mostly stuck to solids since that’s what I like to tat with, and did a mix of light and dark, but also did one mild variegate in each of the colors as well.  I’m looking forward to playing around with them.  First though, I’ll have to get them wound onto bobbins so they’re useable…  We’ll see when I get around to that…



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