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Finally Finished Friday #1

Moving from California to Seattle means that I finally got my tatting somewhat sorted out.  Well… not really.  But at least it’s all contained in one place now.  The process made me realize just how many unfinished projects I have started.  I used to be pretty good about finishing what I started, but then again, I also didn’t use to have so many shuttles making it so easy to start new ones before the old ones were finished.  🙂  Since I’m starting to feel like my study schedule is under control I’m going to dive into a goal I’ve been wanting to set ever since I got moved up to Seattle.  In an attempt to sort through the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) I’m going to attempt to finish project every week. Some of these projects will need more tatting, some just need the finished piece to be sewn up or the ends to be hidden.

This week’s project was to decorate this summer dress.  I added the edging a while back, but almost immediately afterwards managed to get a couple spots of bleach on it.  So I made these flowers to cover them up.  I used the motifs from the Star Doily in Priscilla Tatting #3 which has become my go-to pattern for a round motif.  The smaller ones are simply the center part of the full motif.  I had the tatting finished a few weeks ago, but this week I finally got them sewn on the dress.   Now that I’ve got them on there I’m thinking they look a little sparse so one of these weeks I may “restart” the project and add some more, but for now I’m calling it finished.  🙂

One project down.  Seventeen to go.  Wish me luck.

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Routines and Size 80 Thread

I think I’ve finally gotten a study routine down. And since for the next 6-8 months my life revolves around the CPA exams (hopefully I can finish in 6) that means I know what my life will look like for that time.

Sunday-Friday mornings are my primary study time.  I have scheduled out what I want to get done each day and if all goes well I finish by noon or maybe 1.  Afternoons when I’m usually the least mentally responsive are time for errands, with a sprinkling of review, catch-up (where needed) and working ahead (where possible).  I’ve always been both a morning and a night person and it’s during the afternoons that I slow down so this new schedule of using the afternoon for things like grocery shopping and going to get the car’s oil changed have been working pretty well.  Until last week I was trying to get more studying done in the afternoons and it just wasn’t working and leaving me stressed out because I wasn’t getting everything done.  This week I’ve also gotten a fair bit of studying done during the evenings which has been nice, but that’s because Noah has been out of town on business.  He’ll be back tonight and I’ll probably have to adjust my schedule for next week a bit.

The good news with all of this talk about studying is that it means that I’ve figured out how to get my studying in a less stressful manner and now I don’t feel guilty about the time I’m tatting.  Pictured above is a bracelet in size 80 that I just finished.  Well, technically I finished the tatting about a month or so ago, but until a week and a half ago I hadn’t actually gotten the ends sewn in. During a lacemakers meeting I borrowed someone’s magnifying glasses and was finally able to get them tucked in nicely.  It’s been a while since I’ve worked with 80 and I’d forgotten how much I like it.  For years when I first started tatting it was all that I would work with.  This project inspired me to pull out some of my copious amounts of the stuff and start playing around with some more smaller threaded projects even though I’m trying not to get too many new project started.

The pattern for this bracelet comes from the Priscilla books.  I started at the hook and worked across on one side and then did the same on the other.  I’m especially pleased with the bit I came up with for attaching it to the hook.  Being able to do a bit of filler with some lock-stitch chains means the project is a bit more adjustable since the hook attaches directly to the lace to fit around the wrist and the overlap isn’t bulky.   The split rings are a convenient way to hide the ends at the start of each side.  I’m thinking of doing a necklace of a similar style, but it would end up being a choker, which I don’t really wear and I’m not sure yet I want to put that much time into a piece I’m not likely wear.  I’ve been thinking about some variations that might work, so we’ll see if that’s something I’ll get around to eventually.

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And We’re Back! (Though Still Distracted)

Sorry for the radio silence.  I didn’t intend to disappear for so long, but it’s been a busy couple months.  I’ve gotten myself settled into Seattle and am enjoying the lovely summer we’ve been having.  I went back down to Los Angeles for a few weeks to finish training my replacement at the radio station.  It’s nice to pass off the torch Susie.  I know I’m leaving the station and volunteers in good hands.

I am now pretty much officially unemployed and studying full-time for the CPA exams.  I’ve still been tatting the last couple months and I’m looking forward to getting caught up with the blogging, but my first exam is in October so I still expect to be somewhat distracted.  Basically, any time I’m not studying I’m feeling guilty about not studying.  I’m trying to make sure I still leave enough time for myself so I don’t get too burnt out.  The first test might be in October, but there’s still 3 more after that.  I’m trying to finish them all in 6 months.  They have a 40% pass rate each, but my goal is to pass them all on my first try.

So that’s the quick update on my life of the last few months.   Sorry not to have any exciting pictures of tatting for my first post back, but rest assured, they are on the way.

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