A Little More Progress on the Star Doily

February 18, 2011 11:42 am

This week seems to be a week for working on bigger projects.  I’ve been fairly busy with work and school so haven’t had the mental focus needed to pull out the Priscilla books and work through some new patterns.  I have a feeling I’ll be l be lacking that ability until at least mid-March when our pledge drive is over and I hit the road heading up to Spokane for the Shuttlebirds tatting workshop.  Luckily I’ve still had a bit of time for tatting and have been taking advantage of it to work on some of my projects.  Finished the sash belt on Sunday, but I spent few hours last Saturday hanging out at Wildfiber, a yarn store in Santa Monica and working more on the Star Doily.  The tatting portion of it is about half done now!

The picture above only shows the main part of it that I’ve got finished.  I’m trying to do it in pieces as much as possible so I don’t need to hold the whole thing in my hands while tatting.  So for each of the 5 points the process has been to tat two wheels, unattached to anything else.  Tat the third wheel, joining to both of the first two wheels and then make the little negative-space filler in the center, attaching that to all three.  When that’s done I end up with the picture on the right.  I add a 4th wheel to make what becomes the main part of each point (the neck picture) and after that I’ve got to sit down which the rest of the doily and make the next wheel while attaching it two pieces together.  The nice thing about this pattern is that because the last round is made completely of chains it goes pretty fast.  You can tat most of the wheel without worrying about how and where you’re going to attach it to the others.

That’s about all that’s been going on here tatting-wise. I’d hoped to work on the bonnet a bit more this week, but that hasn’t happened so far.  Maybe this weekend.

7 Responses to “A Little More Progress on the Star Doily”

Sue wrote a comment on February 18, 2011

It’s looking great! :)

admin wrote a comment on February 18, 2011

Thanks Sue! I hope to have the tatting portion of it done in the next week or two. After that I’ll have to figure out how to fill in the center.

Karen wrote a comment on February 18, 2011

Looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful projects in April. Karen in OR

admin wrote a comment on February 19, 2011

Thanks Karen! I should have this one finished by then and am going to bring it along. It’ll be the first year I’ll display anything at the Shuttlebirds workshop.

tattingrid wrote a comment on February 24, 2011

Your motifs look very nice, but isn’t it a lot if hiding ends??? How many more to go??

admin wrote a comment on February 24, 2011

All the motifs are started CTM and I use a split chain and split ring to climb out from one round to the next where necessary. So there’s only the two ends as the motif is finished. I use the magic thread trick and hide one end in the last round of chains and one in the last of the 10-chains below it. (Here’s the first post that goes through the pattern: http://www.snapdragonlace.com/?p=206)

One of my tatting New Years Resolutions has been get better and at hiding ends and be more conscientious about doing it. This pattern has definitely helped with that, but it actually hasn’t been too bad thanks to CTM, split chains and split rings.

This is an older post about this doily, I just posted another one a few days ago here: http://www.snapdragonlace.com/?p=419 Just one more section there (there’s 5 total) and I’ve done a couple motifs since then too so if I keep up with it the tatting should be done in the next week or so. After that I’ll have to figure out how to attach it to a piece of fabric so that will take a while longer.

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