Priscilla Tatting books

January 2, 2011 7:50 am

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Maureen wrote a comment on January 23, 2011

Just wondering – did you print and bind these yourself from the online resource? – how did they turn out, do they print clearly?
It’s not so easy to find the originals for sale, and i always prefer a “proper” book to a downloaded one.
I’m so glad Fox sent me here, I am enjoying your blog enormously, now that I know about it!

admin wrote a comment on January 23, 2011

Hi Maureen,

Yeah, I found them online and printed them out. I’ve had the 3rd book printed for a few years and I don’t remember where I originally found it online. The 1st and 2nd I printed from the Antique Pattern Library (Here’s a link to the page with all the tatting books: They have the 3rd book there as well, of course. All printed off very well, though my copy of the 3rd book is a bit light as my printer ink was starting to fade.

For the binding I took them in to a copy shop and had them bind them with card stock on the back and a clear cover. Cost about $2 each and was really worth taking them in to have done. I had to do something to them to keep them in order. I suppose I could just keep them in a binder, but it’s nice to be able to just take one with me if I want to and nice to be able to leave them all open to different projects. I usually have a few going at once.

Eventually I think I would like to find some original, but I probably will keep using these copies in order to keep the originals in good shape.

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