Getting to Know the Star Doily Motif Even Better

February 2, 2011 8:15 pm

I now know that to tat the motif for the Star Doily I should have just under two wingspans of thread on my shuttle.  Start to finish without any breaks or mistakes it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes for each Motif, (including winding the thread).  But the second piece of data is only based on a sample set of one because it’s not often I have that long to sit and tat uninterrupted.  So let’s assume 1 hour 20 minutes.

There’s 30 of the large motifs total in the doily, so 40 hours plus some small change for the small motifs and mistakes, maybe 43 hours.  That’s the tatting portion of it and then there’s the actual sewing on and cutting off of the fabric center.  Add blocking and the photographing and let’s round up to a nice even 50 hours.

I’ve got 8 large motifs and 1 small one done so far so I’d guess I’m around 11 hours into it at this point.  That’s actually not too bad.

Forgive the OCDness of this post.  I like to know how long it takes me to do portions of patterns so I can better fit them around daily tasks.  Once I timed myself doing the motif I had to go and figure out how long for the whole pattern.

Course getting to know the motif doesn’t mean I’m not going to make mistakes here.  This was a fun one:

Forgive the poor picture.  It I took it at night so the color isn’t quite right.  I got half way around the last row before I realized I was doing the wrong picot count.  (I was doing the one from the second round).  Rather than picking out all those stitches I decided to just finish it off and throw a jump ring on it and turn it into a large pendant.

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