One WIP Finished

February 7, 2012 6:03 pm

This weekend I was down at my parent’s in San Diego and had a chance to go through a few bags of tatting that I hadn’t looked through in a while.  I found a piece of tatted edging that was intended for a dress edging and when I checked it against the dress I realized I actually had enough to go all the way around and all that was left was to sew it on the dress.  I finished it up and wore it yesterday.  (btw, what’s the difference between a WIP and a UFO.   Does a Work-In-Progress that you haven’t worked on for a while become a UnFinished Object or is that what happens when you decided that you’re not going to bother finishing it?)

I did the tatting for this project while visiting the UK in August of 2009, the pattern is one I made up for the project.  I had just a bit of this DMC brown left and I wanted to use it all up, but not end up short because part of the point of this project was to finish it off.  I’m replacing my DMC size 20 with Lizbeth so I didn’t want to end up needing any more.  If I remember right, I wanted a pattern that wouldn’t use too much thread, and would mostly use it from the ball so that I wouldn’t have to add more shuttle thread.  This seemed to fit the bill nicely.  I had plenty of thread left over for sewing it on the dress.  In fact, I even had enough for two little flower motifs which I added afterwards.

It’s sort of interesting that I found this project again this weekend.  That trip to the UK was my last big bit of travel before starting my Masters in Accounting in September and this weekend I took my final for my third to last class.  While tatting that in 2009, I couldn’t wait to get started on my masters, while sewing it on this weekend I couldn’t wait to finish.  Though it’s true that in 2009 I couldn’t wait to get started because I wanted to be finished with it…

One thing that struck me while sewing it on is how nice it is that with the Lizbeth threads you can buy a size 80 thread to do your sewing that matches exactly with the size 10, 20, or 40 that you actually made the piece with.

I’ve sold a couple copies of my fingerless glove pattern on Etsy lately.  It’s a nice reminder that I need to finished updating the pattern for my other design and get it up there.  Maybe that will be the WIP that I get finished this weekend.

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